170 years old of the Hungarian agricultural machine industry, festive commemoration at the CLAAS Hungária

János Lábassy, blacksmith, founded his agricultural machinery factory in 1848, wherenot only piece production but also machine types were made. The firstsignificant product was the Lábassy type plough.The machine contained manyinnovations, allowing precise setting of the ploughing depth even theshare-beam configuration. His solutions, world-wide, were unique. On theoccasion of the anniversary, a commemorative celebration took place in CLAASHungária on 28 november 2018. At the intimate event the press was representedin large numbers, by clicking here you can see a video summary.

The former director of the Agricultural Machine Factory in Törökszentmiklós (Lábassy-type factory), he is the member of the Association of Hungarian Machinery Manufacturers, Dr. Lajos Deák, gave a lecture about the legendary products and the starting of personally and professionaly cooperation with Mr. Helmut Claas.

Dr. Lajos Deák during his presentation

The professional level was so high that CLAAS decided to set up its Hungarian factory in Törökszentmiklós, said the company’s director Mr. Andreas Szakácsi.

The part of participants with CLAAS Hungárialeaders

Now, the trace of Lábassy’s effort is still visible: it is the biggest agricultural machinery factory in Hungary works in the place of old one.

The factory visit