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Hungarian Association Of Agricultural Machinery Manufactures

The goals of the association:

  • promoting of concerned action of agricultural, forest and food industrial machines producers; increasing of the social estimation in the full area of agricultural mechanisation such as research, development, producing, delivery and distribution,

  • In the frame of it and beyond of it suitable representation of member’s interests,

  • harmonization of theirs different targets; encourage of realization of theirs social and economic goals.

Hungary is net agricultural machine exporter!

Benefit of the MEGOSZ membership

The association is a professional organization.

Professional business federation in economic and political forums.

Direct connection with sectorial educational, research and development organisations for increasing of R&D&I activity.

Organization of effective professional programmes.

Exchanging of experience, study tours.

Participation possibility in common developing.

Sectorial information about national and international markets.

Creation of the complete technology lines and put up them for foreign sale.

Participation possibility in different business delegations with “MEGOSZ recommendation”.

Preferential participation in local and foreign exhibitions according to “MEGOSZ advantages”.

Indirect access of databases.

Direct suggestion about external market placement of agricultural machines.

Increasing of input distribution connections.


Csanádi Tamás

Csanádi Tamás


Claas Hungária Kft.


Dr. Fenyvesi László

(Chief Secretary)


Ackermann Tamás

(Member of Presidency)



Háj András

(Member of Presidency)

Metripond M-93. Kft.


Dr. Majsa Tímea

(Member of Presidency)

Sokoró Kft.

Varga Lajos

Varga Lajos

(Member of Presidency)

BPW-Hungária Kft.

Renner Tamás_Portré

Dr. Renner Tamás

(Member of Presidency)

Renner Bt.