Agricultural machinery production adapted to domestic agricultural development

The professional activities of MEGOSZ for the year 2020 are intended to improve this, the Board of the organization decided. The program is realised in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture. As a first step, a presentation was made at the Ministry of Agriculture, in which the Secretary General of the organization characterised the MEGOSZ program. These are the essence of the strategic cooperation planned with the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre and the universities.

In his introductory presentation, the Secretary General of MEGOSZ explained in detail what the organization wants to reach in the field of agricultural innovation and machine. The Secretary General pointed out that, in preparation for the “Hungarian Irinyi Economic Development Plan” (2015), MEGOSZ calculated that the domestic machinery market could even double in the medium term. This estimate seems to be realized.

Therefore, it is important to increase the proportion of domestic agricultural machine production and marketing activities. One of the biggest hurdles at the moment is that Hungarian-made machines can participate in the AGROmashEXPO exhibition, which is significant by international standards, at almost double the price of foreigners.

This condition must be changed urgently!