AGROmashEXPO 2018

On 24 January 2018, AGROmashEXPO, the country’s largest, now internationally renowned agricultural machine exhibition opened its doors, where our Association is uniquely represented mainly in pavilions “A” and “G”.

In the Pavilion A, the Hungarian National Trading House was represented in the area of MEGOSZ. Cooperating with it a number of business meetings was organized with foreign business partners.

We presented our new machines with the title “Hungarian machinery manufacturing in the grain technology” at the Conference of the National Association of Cereal Producers (GOSZ). The show was start on Thursday (25.01.2018) at 15. 50 on the G-Pavilion, Forum Stage.

Pictures about GOSZ Conference

On the next day, (26.01.2018) between 10-12 a.m., MEGOSZ again performed on the Forum Stage.

The program was following:

  • CHH Technology Ltd: manufactures, designs, provides with material testing lab
  • Low temperature crop drying and automatic crop conditioning in the metal silos (SEED-IMEX KFT)
  • Huniper – 40 years in the forefront
  • Bio ⦁ row crops growing – “Busa” Cultivation Technology
  • Omikron’s response to future challenges
  • Please choose Hungarian trailer manufacturer – look up the IGJ – even with your specific needs!

After the event, the award “Best Hungarian Field Machine 2018” was presented. The prestigious award is donated by GTE (Hungarian Machine-industrial Association). This year’s acknowledgment has been given to CLAAS Hungária KFT’s newly developed Corn Harvester Adapter (Corio Conspeed).

CLAAS CORIO CONSPEED maize picker in the AGROmashEXPO 2018

Among the price-winnings of the AGROmashEXPO machine competition were the products of several MEGOSZ member companies (http://agromashexpo.hu/hu/dijazottak-2018).