Boosting international cooperation in Hungarian agricultural technology I.

The key of successful domestic agriculture is modernization, which is essential not only from an economic point of view, but also from an environmental and social point of view, said Anikó Juhász, Deputy State Secretary for Agricultural Economy of the Ministry of Agriculture at a meeting held with the representative of the interest protection organizations of domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers and distributors on 29 March 2023…

At the meeting, Anikó Juhász explained that the crises of recent years have highlighted the inevitability of modernization, and supporting this can significantly help the expansion and promotion of the Hungarian agricultural machinery industry in foreign markets. In addition besides of policies , this process can be supported by organizations of protection of interests, he added. Oszkár Ökrös, Deputy State Secretary for International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture spoke about the international processes and directions that characterize agricultural mechanization and modernization. In his presentation, he mentioned international examples and described what machines, technologies or cooperation certain countries would be open to. He also reported on the opportunities available to Hungarian agricultural machinery manufacturers to enter the international market, as well as on the possibilities for appearance on foreign markets that domestic companies could take advantage of. The event was attended by the National Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (MEGOSZ), the National Association of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Distributors (MEGFOSZ) and agricultural attachés, who could follow the event live online. Dr. László Fenyvesi, Secretary General of MEGOSZ presented the activities of the organization, its membership and the results of the foreign trade needs assessment carried out among its members, then Dr. Viktor Medina, Director of MEGFOSZ informed about the goals, activities and possible cooperation opportunities of the association of distributors.

László Fenyvesi presented in detail the interactive, digitally processing system developed in recent years with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture. He asked AM for help in displaying the system in English, which he was promised.

At the meeting, the participants agreed to continue working together in order to enable domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers and distributors to appear on international markets as successfully as possible.