MEGOSZ at the Agritechnica 2019 exhibition

Agritechnica, the biennial exhibition in Hannover, is perhaps the largest field technology show in the world. Only those manufacturers, who produce competitive machines, on the world market are worth participating in. Many products of the Hungarian agricultural machine factories will be showed at the exhibition.

MEGOSZ in the “OMÉK”

The largest agricultural exhibition in Hungary is the “OMÉK”. Machines do not play the main role here, but we participated effectively in the “Machine Stand” created by the Agricultural Marketing Center and at the information corner created by the Chamber of Agriculture. Two of our member companies, FFAgro KFT and Hetech KFT, have appeared with stand-alone….


Our member company, Fliegl Abda Kft., Celebrated its 25th anniversary with a series of major professional events. During the Open Day held on September 20-21, the other professionals and farmers were able to see the latest logistics developments under its operation. As part of the event, a new, modern warehouse…


The largest domestic forestry machinery fair is InnoLignum (www.innolignumsopron.hu), which is held every year in Sopron. IG + JM KFT, a member of MEGOSZ, received prestigious recognition at this exhibition. The event is also welcomed because this year’s professional training activity (sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture) relates to this area. Development is also important because a dynamic forest development program has been launched in Hungary, no matter how big a role we can play….


Precision agricultural logistics was discussed by the Bio-Technical Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in the framework of the Bábolna Farm Days. In front of the committee, the CEO of the BPW Hungary KFT delivered a presentation about intelligent agricultural axles developed and manufactured in Hungary. At the Smart-farm Conference, three of our members, Huniper LTD, Oros Corp. and Güttler LTD also gave presentations….


Logistics plays a significant role in the cost of food production. The movement of the crop in the field, usually on the road to storage and primary processing, is done by means of logistics. We can save costs by properly organizing operations, taking into account environmental changes, in other words,…


We were at the programs of the III. Field Days and Machine Show in Mezőfalva (Hungary). The weather was not favourable for that event started on 23 May. Nevertheless, a large number of participants looked at the operation of machines under unfavourable conditions… From members of our association were exhibitors…

Common Agricultural Policy

The „Common Agricultural Policy 2020” was in focus, at the agricultural meeting, which was held in Aquaworld Resort (Budapest) on 6. 5.2019… The „Common Agricultural Policy 2020” was in focus, at the agricultural meeting, which was held in Aquaworld Resort (Budapest) on 6. 5.2019… With numerous participants the important facts…