Demonstration of sustainable crop production

The NAK Field Days and Agricultural Machinery Show has become an unmissable event. This year (June 7-8, 2023) – miraculously – there was no rain on the two days of the event, before and after there were downpours. Despite the not exactly ideal conditions from the point of view of machine work, many people visited the event in Mezőfalva. The motto of the exhibition was: sustainable production…

I. Conference on precision drying

Our fellow member, DrayerDoctor Kft. organized a precision drying conference on May 5. At the event, Ferenc Speiser, director and owner presented the company’s results and goals in detail to many participants. Those, who successfully use the precision drying system were recognized with gold award…

MEGOSZ professional conference

The whole-day professional event of MEGOSZ took place on April 18, 2023 in Gödöllő, at the Szent István Campus of MATE, with the large number of interested experts. The basic idea of the event was: how can agricultural machinery manufacturing be as useful as possible in the success of food product lines? MEGOSZ organized the conference with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture…


IG+JM Kft, MEGOSZ, the National Chamber of Agriculture and the Forestry Mechanization Section of the National Forestry Association organized a professional day and machine show. The event was attended by nearly a hundred foresters… In his welcome speech, Balázs Győrffy, President of NAK, presented the activities of the NAK and…

Boosting international cooperation in Hungarian agricultural technology I.

The key of successful domestic agriculture is modernization, which is essential not only from an economic point of view, but also from an environmental and social point of view, said Anikó Juhász, Deputy State Secretary for Agricultural Economy of the Ministry of Agriculture at a meeting held with the representative of the interest protection organizations of domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers and distributors on 29 March 2023…

MEGOSZ Member Company won the Agricultural Innovation Award!

According to the evaluation of the Hungarian Association for Innovation, our member company, AgroVir Ltd. received the prestigious recognition at the ceremony held in Parliament on March 23, 2023. Our other fellow member, RoSys Ltd. also participated in the winning innovation. Congratulations on your achievement!

Roundtable discussion on the development of forestry machinery manufacturing

The Chamber of Agriculture and the Mechanization Section of the Hungarian Forestry Association invited the sectoral organizations concerned by the topic to a professional discussion on the development and production of forestry machinery in Hungary, on 2 March 2023. Besides to experts in sector management, education, research and development and practical forest management experts also experienced in machine development and trade evaluated the situation of forestry mechanization on the one hand and formulated forward-looking proposals and actions on the other….

“Development of agricultural technologies with domestic agricultural machinery”our participation in the AGROmashEXPO2023 exhibition

At this year’s international exhibition held between 25-28 January, we participated with a separate stand. In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, we presented digital developments, prepared by the National Association of Agricultural Machine Manufacturers (MEGOSZ) that promote the competitiveness of domestic agricultural production such as: animated film presenting our activities, our interactive digital publications describing the Hungarian agricultural machine groups, and videos about the latest machine developments.

We were in the conference on the agriculture of the future

The conference organized by the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture was held on November 24, 2022. At the event specifically dealing with agricultural digitization, the domestic and international experts, the most important Hungarian agricultural technology start-ups and the most decisive market players gave lectures and practical demonstrations.