Once again, a MEGOSZ member company’s product received the “Hungarian field machine of the year 2022” award at the Bábolna Farmers Days!

“Striptill 6+ six-row strip cultivator” from NorAn Ltd.

The Bábolna Farmers’ Days were held for the 35th time on September 8 and 9. The MEGOSZ “participation” was relatively significant this year as well, 15 of our member companies presented their products at the machine exhibition. Several of them also participated in the field demonstration. At the event, the “Hungarian field machine of the year 2022” award, after its victory in 2021 (!), was once again won by NorAn Ltd., from Tiszakécske with its “Striptill 6+ six-row strip cultivator”.

According to the experts’ evaluation, “the machine implements a new tillage system”. It can loosen and tillage up to 20-32 centimetres depth. The variable depth setting is unique. At the same time, it can fertilize to the root zone. Only a third of the area is cultivated – with this way saves energy and fuel. The suspended 4- and 6-row strip tiller is manufactured with adjustable row spacing and cultivation depth. The load of the opening discs and the mulching star wheels can be regulated with air springs ensuring suitable work.