Participation of MEGOSZ at AGROmashEXPO events

The 33 member company of the National Association of Machinery Manufacturers took part in the exhibition held on January 23-26. The Hungarian agricultural machinery factories also participated in the programs and events related to the exhibition

At the opening ceremony of the AGROmashEXPO, several products of our member companies were rewarded. Innovative Award (Figure 1) was presented to MCHALE HUNGÁRIA KFT (MCHALE R6878 CENTRAL TRAINER)

Fig.1 MCHALE R6878 CENTRAL TRAINER: excellent ground tracking, gentle work, high performance, clean feed.

The excellent developments of our two factories have received outstanding recognition: Farmgép Ltd. – MOBITOX – SUPER II., mobile treating machine and Omikron Ltd. – ORS-6/3 FM row cultivator mounted liquid fertilizer spreader.

On the 2nd day of the exhibition, we presented the last year award-winning Hungarian field machines at the National Conference of Cereal Producers (Figure 3). The performance can be found in the archive.

Fig.2 The presenters of the Fliegl Ltd, RS LP, Készenlét Co, and the Farmgép Ltd

All three awards were given for the MEGOSZ member company in the framework of the “Hungarian Field Machine  2019” competition organized by the Mechanical Engineering Association (GTE)!

1. BPW AGRO Drive hydraulic driven axle (BPW Hungária Ltd, Figure 4).

2. NONIUS front loader family (FF-Agro Ltd)

3. KERTITOX REVOLUTION trailed, air spring field sprayer (FARMGÉP Ltd.)

Fig. 4. Péter Csánk, sales manager of the BPW Hungária takes over the award

At the workshop of the GTE, several of our members gave a presentation (Figure 5.)

Fig. 5 Presentation by Horváth Bence (Busa Lp)

The “Golden Plaquette 2019” recognising ceremony, which was held by RS Commercial and Service Lp to partners for the development of precision drying, was an emphasizing event (Figure 6). During the event a high-quality presentation was held about the latest research and developments.

Fig. 6 Ferenc Spaiser the owner and director opens the event

Farmers with outstanding results in the field received the award (Figure 7).

Fig. 7. Precision Drying – Gold Plaquette 2019. Source: preciziosszaritas.hu