Precision agricultural logistics was discussed by the Bio-Technical Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in the framework of the Bábolna Farm Days. In front of the committee, the CEO of the BPW Hungary KFT delivered a presentation about intelligent agricultural axles developed and manufactured in Hungary. At the Smart-farm Conference, three of our members, Huniper LTD, Oros Corp. and Güttler LTD also gave presentations….

Péter Mándli is giving his presentation

Péter Mándli presented the latest developments in the BPW Hungária’s activities. He pointed out that, as a subsidiary of the world-famous German company, they are dealin with not only manufacturing but also developing in the agricultural smart axles. He described in detail the features of the intelligent agricultural driving systems and its benefits. The MEGOSZ, with experts of factory, is editing a digital book and publishing it with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, which will soon be made available free of charge to all professionals.

Their precision farming solutions were also presented by Huniper Ltd, Güttler Ltd and Linamar Corp., at an interactive conference where the products could be tested during operation.

A farmer is speaking about his nice experiences of the OROS head

During the presentation of the precision Güttler products, the field proof could also be seen