Logistics plays a significant role in the cost of food production. The movement of the crop in the field, usually on the road to storage and primary processing, is done by means of logistics. We can save costs by properly organizing operations, taking into account environmental changes, in other words, precision methods. This year, as part of our annual professional program, we are investigating these solutions on agricultural machines, which are supported by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Our program has been announced at the AGROmashEXPO exhibition in 2019 and then a large-scale professional event was organized in Szombathely. We made a video from this topic (https://youtu.be/L7hfzdZdyIk). The lectures can be viewed here.

Linked to the process is our Member Company event entitled “Fliegl – An Extraterrestrial Experience”. That event will be held on 21. 09. 2019 at the centre of Fliegl Hungary Ltd. All interested parties are welcomed to the event (registration will be available on the company’s website at www.fliegl.hu).