The National Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers presented the quality of the domestic production, the development results and plans at an independent stand. The excellent location of it (the gateway between the central pavilion and the KITE demonstration place) ensured that most of the audience attending the event met us

At the stand, the members of the Steering Committee welcomed visitors each day of the exhibition. The producers were primarily interested in new machine solutions and a publication on the home-developed “Renner” tractor. Our publication, about our world-class Hungarian developments, were taken by visitors (250 copies). The manufacturers who are not members of our organization also came to our stand, three of whom joined to our association. We were contacted by several foreign machine dealers, and we were able to reach cooperation with represents from Ukraine, Italy and Turkey.

On a large projector, we continuously showed the features of the Hungarian agricultural machine industry, our products in operation, and the modern production processes. Mostly younger ones were interested in our student technical competitions, such as the CLAAS-organized UNITECH machine building and the AgroVir Ltd. IT competition, which is called “AgroVirtus”.

The prizes won at the event show the development of domestic agricultural machine production. The main prize was awarded to the intelligent agricultural axle structure of BPW-Hungária Kft. With this solution (e.g. in case of manure spreading) the spread amount can be well monitored in the field.

Group photo was taken at the giving of the AGROmashEXPO grand prize

Our member companies have won four development awards:

They were awarded a Premium Diploma:

Farkas Service Instruments Ltd. – Farkas Tank System filling machine.

Güttler Ltd. – Güttler ZinkenSaat seeder.

Infracont Instrumentation Ltd. – Infracont XGrain infrared grain analyser.

McHale Hungary Ltd. – McHaleV6750 Round Baler.

RS. Ker and Serv. Bt. – Analysis and certification of grain drying process.

Finally, all our Member Companies have been recognized, which made application

Group photo with the winners

Each year, the Field Machinery Section of the Hungarian Scientific Association of Mechanical Engineering (GTE) and the Hungarian Agriculture Ltd. select the best Hungarian agricultural machine. This year’s prestigious award was awarded to CLAAS Hungária Ltd.

The Hungarian developed CLAA Convio Flex 930 header

The leaders of CLAAS Hungária Ltd. after ceremony

During the mechanization conference organized by GTE, Dr. László Fenyvesi presented the situation and development opportunities of the Hungarian agricultural machinery production.