With about 280 participants, our professional conference was successfully concluded. Participants were able to get acquainted with technical, innovation results, developments at many locations, and to see new commercially available machines that are already using the results achieved, gaining insight into production processes in industry4.0. at the location of the BPW Ltd.

The open-air machine show

Péter Mánli the director of BPW, Tamás Csanádi president of the MEGOSZ and Csaba Hende the Vice-president of the Parliament made welcome speech in plenary section.

Péter Mándli BPW director, Tamás Csanádi MEGOSZ president, Csaba Hende Vice-president of the Parliament

Árpád Nagy, Deputy State Secretary for Industrial Strategies and Regulation at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, gave a detailed account of the Government’s goal of development of agricultural machinery production. Tamás Éder, Deputy Chairman of the National Chamber of Agricultural Economics, analysed in detail the importance of digitization and its determining role in competitiveness. 

Árpád Nagy Deputy State Secretary, Tamás Éder Deputy Chairman of the National Chamber of Agricultural Economics

The event was held in a separate room, but the lectures could be accompanied by a projector placed in the central area.

BPW’s development engineer Matók Máté introduced the AGRO-drive system. László Bády, a specialist of TÜV Rheinland KTI, gave a lecture on the procedure for the authorization of agricultural vehicles in Hungary.

The managing director of our member company, Fliegl Abda Ltd., Tamás Ackermann, has described the criteria for selecting the different devices of transport.

Tamás Rózsa, managing director of RoSys KFT, introduced: “With suitable software, we can make our machine” intelligent “, so it will be able to perform precision operations. Mátyás Andrási, BPW development manager, presented the patents, special solutions and sensors that made it possible to develop unique axles. Gábor Bércesi, the research engineer at the NAIK Agricultural Engineering Institute, has reported interesting measurements. Gorotyák Igor, development manager of Agrovir Ltd., presented the system of digital decision making based on data processing.

The conference hall

The event was closed by a hot-tempered plenary roundtable discussion, entitled “Precision Logistics Solutions in Practice”, under the guidance of Péter Csánk, commercial manager of BPW.

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