The plenary section of Hungarian Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufactures (MEGOSZ) was held on 26. 03. 2016, where the new steering committee, president and secretary general was elected.

Most of the members of MEGOSZ collected in a beautiful place “Mátrafüred” at the “MTA Hotel” for forming the yearly tasks of that organisation. The main results of the meeting are following:

  • The former president was voted again: Mr. László Lőrincz.
  • The new chief secretary is Prof. Dr. László Fenyvesi (his CV is attached).
  • The members of Steering Committee are:
    • Mr. Tamás Ackermann,
    • Mr. Mihály Áman,
    • Mr. Tamás Csanádi,
    • Mr. András Háj,
    • Mr. Csaba Horváth.
  • Two new member where accepted.
  • The 25th anniversary of the MEGOSZ will be celebrated this year.

Afternoon the new members introduced with pp. presentation about theirs activity. The active day was opened with marvellous wine-testing and delicious diner (it was served by DUBICZ Winery)

The CV of László Fenyvesi

Family name:                   Fenyvesi

Given name:                     László

Nationality:                      Hungarian

Education background and present position:

1971      Secondary Technical School, Székesfehérvár, Leaving Certificate of General Mechanical Technician,

1972-77 University of Agricultural Sciences Faculty of Farm Engineering,
Graduated Agricultural Mechanical Engineer,

  • 1980 University of Agricultural Sciences Faculty of Farm Engineering,
    University Doctor of Agricultural Engineering,

1984-86 Institute of Ministry of Agriculture for Education of Engineer and Manager
Post-graduate course of Economics and Management.

1992-95 University of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Farm Engineering
Post-graduate course of Economics,

2001      “Szent István” University Ph.D degree.

2003      “Szent István” University hon. professor

2004      “Szent István” University “dr. habil” degree

2008        Full professor of the Szent István University

Knowledge of languages: English, Russian

Membership in professional bodies:

Central Division of Agricultural Engineers of Scientific Society of Mechanical

Engineering, Hungary (MAE) Hungarian Chambers of Engineers (MK)

Member of ISTRO (International Soil Tillage Research Organisation)

Member of EurAgEng (European Society of Agricultural Engineering)

Full member of “Club of Bologna”

Member of ENGAGE (European Network of Engineering for Agriculture and Environment)

Member of ENTAM (European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines)

Past President of CEE Eur Ag Eng (Network of the Central- and Eastern European Institutes of Agricultural Engineering)

Guest Professor, Technical University of Vienna (Renewable Energy Utilization)


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