I. Conference on precision drying

Our fellow member, DrayerDoctor Kft. organized a precision drying conference on May 5. At the event, Ferenc Speiser, director and owner presented the company’s results and goals in detail to many participants. Those, who successfully use the precision drying system were recognized with gold award…

Opening speech by Dr. Zsolt Feldmann, State Secretary

The gold awards.

Zsolt Kecskés (KITE), László Fenyvesi (MEGOSZ), Ferenc Speiser (DryerDoctor) at the award ceremony

In the first part of the event, Prof. Dr. István Szabó, Vice-Rector, presented results of the MATE in relation of smart drying, then Prof. Dr. Sándor Keszthelyi gave an interesting presentation on warehouse pest control. Csaba Zámbó (EnergyHub Kft.) showed how energy savings can turn into extra income. In the secund part of the event those who applied the system provided useful information about the benefits of the solution.