The  General Meeting 2019 of MEGOSZ was held on March 8th. With this event, the three-year election cycle was closed, so a new presidency began its work. In the morning, Mr. Gergely Lantos, Department Deputy Head of the Ministry of Agriculture, gave an opening lecture about the current tasks of modernizing agriculture.

Mr. Gergely Lantos deputy head of department is taking his lecture.

Then the MEGOSZ awards were presented:

For outstanding federal activities, Ms. KRISZTINA Dózsa was awarded with the MEGOSZ Recognition Certificate.

Ms. Dózsa Krisztina and the persons giving the award:Mr. Gergely Lantos and Mr. Tamás Ackermann (the laudation is read  by Dr. László Fenyvesi, Secretary General)

For the organization and activity of the „MEGOSZ Conference 2018” MEGOSZ Recognition Diploma was awarded to the FERROPATENT Corp., which was taken over by Mr. Sándor Szabó, CEO.

Mr. Sándor Szabó CEO (Ferropatent Co.)

The following experts received the “For Hungarian Agricultural Machinery” honorary diploma and medal:

Mr. Ferenc Gyurátz the former director of the Bagodi Mezőgép Ltd., Mr. Sr. Sándor Majsa (Sukoró Ltd), Mr. Imre Szabó (Rekard Ltd), Mr. Sándor Gyökös  (Farmgép Ltd) and Mr. József  Háj (Metripond Ltd). The honors have done decades of outstanding work to develop Hungarian agricultural machinery and build the Association. MEGOSZ congratulates the winners and expresses their gratitude.

The honours: Mr. Sr. Sándor Majsa, Ms. Krisztina Dózsa, Mr. Imre Szabó, Mr. Sándor Szabó, Mr. József Háj and Mr. Sándor Gyökös

In the second part of the professional forum, the strategic partners of MEGOSZ took stock of the development opportunities and results of the cooperation, the following persons:

The  National Chamber of Agricultural Economics, Mr. Milán Kupcsok, Deputy Director, the Director of Central European Export Development Network LLtd, Mr. László Csík and the Director of MEGFOSZ, Mr. Dr. Viktor Medina .

The General Assembly accepted and thanked the work of our outgoing President, Mr. László Lőrincz in its decree.

The General Assembly – by unanimous vote – elected Mr. Tamás Csanádi (CLAAS Hungária) as the new President.

Mr. Tamás Csanádi the president of the MEGOSZ

Among the eight candidates, the new elected members of the the Presidency are: Ms. Tímea Majsa (Sokoró Ltd.) Mr. Tamás Ackermann (Fliegl Abda Ltd.), Mr. András Háj (Metripont-M93 Ltd.), Mr. Lajos Varga (BPW-Hungária Ltd.) and Mr. Dr Tamás Renner (Renner Ltd.) Other members: Mr. Tamás Csanádi, Chairman and Dr. László Fenyvesi Secretary General.