We were at the programs of the III. Field Days and Machine Show in Mezőfalva (Hungary). The weather was not favourable for that event started on 23 May. Nevertheless, a large number of participants looked at the operation of machines under unfavourable conditions…

From members of our association were exhibitors or attenders of the practical demonstration: Fliegl LTD, McHale LTD, Sokoró LTD, Lakkos LTD, Farkas Szerviztechnika LTD, Ádám és Társa LTD, AJG LTD, Omokron LTD, Framest LTD, Güttler LTD.

Framest KFT, Güttler KFT.

On heavy soil in one round (Güttler LTD)

Vertical tillage with perfect finishing (Framest LTD)

A little debate about water management (from left Jenő Ádám, Dr. István Jóri)

Starting and continuation (Omikron LTD)

Before manure spraying (Fliegl LTD)

Proven for numerous audiences (Sokoró LTD)