Roundtable discussion on the development of forestry machinery manufacturing

The Chamber of Agriculture and the Mechanization Section of the Hungarian Forestry Association invited the sectoral organizations concerned by the topic to a professional discussion on the development and production of forestry machinery in Hungary. Besides to experts in sector management, education, research and development and practical forest management experts also experienced in machine development and trade evaluated the situation of forestry mechanization on the one hand and formulated forward-looking proposals and actions on the other.

As a keynote speech, prof. dr. Béla Horváth (professor emeritus, Faculty of Forest Engineering, University of Sopron) talked about the past of forestry machinery manufacturing in Hungary. Sándor Szentpéteri (Head of Department, Ministry of Agriculture) informed the participants about the opportunities included in the CAP strategy, and prof. dr. László Fenyvesi (Secretary General, Hungarian Association of Agricultural Machine Manufacturers, university professor) presented the possible relationship between the agricultural machinery industry and forestry machinery manufacturing.