Demonstration of sustainable crop production

The NAK Field Days and Agricultural Machinery Show has become an unmissable event. This year (June 7-8, 2023) – miraculously – there was no rain on the two days of the event, before and after there were downpours. Despite the not exactly ideal conditions from the point of view of machine work, many people visited the event in Mezőfalva. The motto of the exhibition was: sustainable production.

One of the greatest guarantees of the cause of “sustainable development” is young people interested in agricultural production. Turning to the stationary machinery exhibition, the first stand was used to take a picture of the future agricultural engineer, who was “driving” the little Zetor.

The agricultural mechanic of the future is the “driver” of small Zetor at the stand of GiGa Farm Kft

As mentioned, the extreme rainfall the day before the event did not create an optimal condition, especially for the field demonstration of the work of landscape cultivators. In such conditions, cultivators and looseners with different hoes worked best, such as the Fra-Laz mid-deep loosener with 7 straight knives.

The seven-knife medium loosener of Framest Kft. and the result of his work

A novelty in terms of application solution is the machine implementing the CULTAN (Controlled Uptake Long-term Ammonium Nutrition) system, a product of the Ukrainian ROPA factory. At the suggestion of producers, the Hungarian company NorAn ltd. developed and manufactured a soil injection machine, the “N-Max Cultan” suspended device, with which field tests can be carried out.

NorAn “N-Max Cultan” suspended soil injection machine with a twin-wheel solution recommended for maize (pictured right).

METALWOLF Kft.’s machine works with a rigid, spring-loaded or filling hoe as required during the row. The cultivators next to the rows can already this year be the newly developed soil-driven rotating hoes with rubber fingers. 

Metalwolf Ltd.’s row cultivator and newly developed rubber finger cultivator.

The number of presented machines and new developments that can be used in forestry technologies has also increased due to the increased importance of the sector (bio-energy production, climate protection) and perhaps due to the support opportunities. The forestry heavy discs of Metalwolf Kft. are excellent for re-cultivating areas after clear-cutting, even on the most rigid soils.

Fliegl Abda Kft. exhibited its branch chopper machine and a circular saw operated from tractor power take-off (PTO) axle in a “visible place”. The stand of IG+JM Kft. was dominated by the factory’s log trailer with loading crane.

“Taste” of the exhibited forestry machines: on the left are Fliegl’s small machines (circular saw, branch chopper) and on the right are the IGJ log trailer.