IG+JM Kft, MEGOSZ, the National Chamber of Agriculture and the Forestry Mechanization Section of the National Forestry Association organized a professional day and machine show. The event was attended by nearly a hundred foresters…

Welcome by Balázs Győrffy

In his welcome speech, Balázs Győrffy, President of NAK, presented the activities of the NAK and its role in the development of domestic forestry, as well as the tasks of the near future. Tamás Major, president of the OEE Mechanization Section, analyzed the importance of developing domestic forestry machinery. László Fenyvesi, Secretary General of MEGOSZ, presented the efforts and achievements of the Association. Jenő Gyenge, chief designer, managing director gave a presentation about IGJ products, the results of modular machine development, and presented the devices that can be optimally paired with forwarders.

Foresters interested in the IG+JM forestry machinery show.

Orsolya Németh, technical assistant, gave a detailed description of the types of the forest trailer family. Chief designer Attila Pető introduced the participants to certain construction details. Dávid Varga, plant manager, presented the manufacturing and construction details and results. István Gergely, managing director, talked about the newly developed forest wood trimmers. The event continued with a demonstration: in the yard of the factory, the machines were presented one by one, in three groups. Despite the slightly rainy weather, participation was active here as well. The practical demonstration took place in the Ravazdi Forestry of Kisalföld Forestry Plc.

A group of machine demonstrations