MEGOSZ professional conference

Development of agricultural engineering industry on agro-product paths

The whole-day professional event of MEGOSZ took place on April 18, 2023 in Gödöllő, at the Szent István Campus of MATE, with the large number of interested experts. The basic idea of the event was: how can agricultural machinery manufacturing be as useful as possible in the success of food product lines? MEGOSZ organized the conference with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Conference participants

According to State Secretary Dr. Zsolt Feldmann, this year will not be the year of new investment tenders, and in the new tenders expected at the end of the year at most, but rather at the beginning of next year, subsidies will play a major role.

Dr. Zsolt Feldmann State Secretary: the goal is to increase efficiency.

According to State Secretary Dr. Zsolt Feldmann, this year will not be the year of new investment tenders, but rather at the beginning of next year, subsidies for increasing the efficiency play a major role.

Prof. Dr. Csaba Gyuricza: our cooperation is a great opportunity for MATE

The Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the National Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (MEGOSZ) have concluded a strategic cooperation agreement, the document of which was signed at the conference by Dr. Csaba Gyuricza, rector and Tamás Csanádi, president.

The MEGOSZ-MATE Strategic Agreement has been concluded (Tamás Csanádi and prof. Dr. Csaba Gyuricza)

Zalán Zahorán, Deputy CEO, presented KITE Zrt.’s half-century history with the title “Successful integration in arable crop production” which make the company’s mechanism unique to this day. KITE is confident that with its expert team and state-of-the-art technological background it will be able to contribute to the efforts of MEGOSZ, which was sealed in written form by Zalán Zahorán, Deputy CEO and Tamás Csanádi, President of the National Association of Agricultural Machine Manufacturers.

Zalán Zahorán, CEO: KITE is a useful partner in the planned development program as an integrator.

Dr. Dávid Mezei, Head of Agricultural and EU Relations (MKB Bank Plc. and Savings-bank Zrt.) presented the production and sales indicators of each food raw material with figures and diagrams. At present, profits can be made with quick and decisive, yet very well thought-out decisions.

Dr. Dávid Mezei: the bank has an interest in the most successful food product path possible

In his opening speech, President Tamás Csanádi talked about the design and development process of modern agricultural machinery that meets the needs of the food market. Design techniques are available, which can be used to construct the most technically suitable machine, if the design requirements are known. He demonstrated this process through examples based on his own (harvesting adapter development) and the experience of domestic machine building. The big question is whether we have the right list of requirements. This must include not only technical needs, but also the needs of other fields (economical, biological, chemical, agronomical) so that the constructed machine is as useful as possible in the food industry product line.

In his closing lecture, Secretary General Dr. László Fenyvesi explained the question raised by Tamás Csanádi: in his opinion, we can increase our competitiveness if we develop the whole vertical food production process and place the technical area in it. He presented a solution for the systematic development of this activity. He illustrated the effectiveness of the method with the results of a specific program, as well as with the system developed in education.